Lola Lee
Lola Lee :: IN THE FIELD
Lola Lee is one lusty mature babe. I was always curious about when this gorgeous gilf started in porn, thanks for the info Sir Rodney. Im wondering what Lola Lee's real age is though? 50..60.. she is a sexy milf no matter what.
Submitted by the mature connoisseur on 2006-10-12 06:10:43

It's been said that the perfect woman would be one who is beautiful, intelligent, refined, and wholesome in public, but an insatiable creature of uncontrolled sexual passion behind closed doors. Not until Lola Lee entered adult entertainment in the year 2000, did we finally have proof that such perfection in the human female really does exist. Lola combines the freshness of a Doris Day, the sophisticated glamor of a Marilyn Monroe, and the unrestrained sexual energy of a Marilyn Chambers, in a way that provides pure delight for the visual senses. And when those doors do close, this volcanic performer has no reservations about letting the camera capture all of her incredible erotic encounters. Members of her two web sites are regularly treated to weekly photo updates. These typically begin with fully clothed poses demonstrating Lola's keen sense of fashion, style, and glamor, and invariably culminate in bold displays of her breathtaking nude form. Other updates document the explicitly hot boy/girl and girl/girl liaisons in which she frequently engages. In addition to her appearances on Naughty America's "My Friends Hot Mom," she has also been featured on "Exploited Moms" and in photo-shoots and a video for 40Something Magazine. Besides the "Old Throat Gaggers #4" professional video referenced, she has starred in a DVD entitled "Nifty Fifties #6" for Filmco, featuring a gorgeous picture of her on the cover. In another commercial production called "Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger - Volume 1" for Girlfriends Films, she gave a very moving performance. She has been the featured female lead in several interracial films of DFW Knight Productions, exhibiting the versatility, finesse and confidence of a seasoned porn professional. In one such video, her red hot lovemaking elicits two successive cumshots from a youthful and spectacularly endowed male partner. Not to be outdone by this stud, Lola provides an incredible visual display by actually covering the camera lens with her own gushing vaginal fluids. In interviews, Lola Lee always presents herself as a very intelligent, articulate and self confident person who knows that she loves sex and is proud to say so. More importantly, she is always willing to demonstrate her unrestrained and highly energetic approach to on-screen copulation. Her sexual energy and photogenic looks make her a natural born adult entertainer. While Lola is the consummate seductress and sex object, she is also very down to earth and totally unpretentious, with a warm personality that makes her impossible not to like. Blessed with incredible beauty and a phenomenal sensual magnetism well into mid life, her particular appeal is to the connoisseur of elegant, self assured, and experienced women who exhibit an unbridled passion for sex of many varieties. Everyone who admires this lady hopes that she will pursue and develop her career to its full potential, providing us with many more years of great entertainment and pleasure.
Submitted by Clark Gordon on 2006-10-14 09:27:52

she's on exploited moms
Submitted by on 2006-11-19 12:27:23

She is on Seriously hot Milf!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by LolaLee on 2007-05-12 18:02:47

Grannys Gone Wild 7 exploited moms
Submitted by primo on 2007-05-19 12:45:40

Although I don't believe Lola has made any new professional videos in over 18 months, she continues to be a very popular adult entertainment star. Most recently she has appeared in the May 2007 issue of 40Something Magazine (Issue 147) which features a photo layout and interview with her. Maybe all of her fans should write to her at her Southern Charms email address (given on site) and strongly encourage her to provide us with many new video productions which we will all obviously enjoy.
Submitted by nyquist on 2007-05-29 23:10:04

yeah she is bad, the badest mature baby on the net, I think I have just about all the links to all above, the videos I find hard to get, but yeah she is hot,Not sure why is has not done anything ,but maybe she will surprise us.
Submitted by on 2007-07-22 15:02:04

An awesome interracial video entitled “Lola and the Arizona Mandingo” has been posted on the Southern Charms Videos page. In this half hour display of non-stop, high-energy, raw sex, Lola Lee gets pounded so hard by her partner’s super-sized cock that she has a mind-boggling squirting orgasm which has to be seen to be believed. This is just another example of why I keep saying we need to see a lot more of this incredibly hot and totally uninhibited mature performer.
Submitted by nyquist on 2007-08-24 09:29:34

nyquist I find your comment interesting - perhaps Lola is back in action again. I looked thru Lola's photo thumb nail pic and don't see her posting anything that looks like this video (usually she will have a photo shoots of her video shoots). Question: Lola like most of the Charms have bio sketches that say they are happily married, lived a normal life until they reached a certain age, then got into the swinging life style and where encouraged to post some nude pic. - is this true or just PR and their real bios are a little more colorful? Lola has done a lot of shoots with several Charms, who advertise escort services (Champagain is one) - was Lola in the escort business also?
Submitted by Rick on 2007-08-31 09:41:26

Pretty good with the BBC...
Submitted by nkkd on 2007-09-14 22:46:26

Yeah I am sure this is a great video , only thing it is kind of old, I think she did this a while ago, none the less i'm glad to see she has finally posted something.I have seen her in throat graggers, lesbian seductions, exploited moms, my moms hot friend, and fourtysomething, has anyone seen her in any other sites, movies, or mags else where?
Submitted by redhotlovert on 2007-09-02 21:31:58

Yeah I don;t think she is going to do anything else other then post old video done previous with dwf kight, I e-mailed her and she indicated that it was not worth it going to places like florida and vegas to do shoots and movies. it's really to bad I think she would have really put a stamp on the industry, like hegla svens and kitty foxx , and zandy rose just to name a few of the greats. Other then her web sites, I sorry to say , I don't think we will be seeing to much of the hot sexy mature bomb shell Lola Lee.
Submitted by on 2007-09-16 22:30:41

Thanks for the great responses to my posts. The Mandingo video is indeed an older production which was previously offered for mail order shipment but has now been digitized for direct download. Since then, I personally feel Lola has developed a much sexier and more aggressive acting style. Nonetheless, this video demonstrates how passionate, energetic and explosive a sexual performer she is, particularly when teamed with an extraordinarily endowed youthful male partner. As to her background, there is an excellent interview with her on the SCORE site in which she describes in detail the circumstances which led to her becoming a porn star, later in life. I take her at her word since she comes across as being very honest and sincere. In lieu of a fan club or message group dedicated to Lola Lee, I continue to urge admirers to email her at one of her sites, so that we can collectively encourage her to do more professional videos. I’ve learned that it’s not always easy for women like Lola to obtain quality feedback on fan reaction. On sites like those of Naughty America where she has appeared, members tend to be young and, dare I say, somewhat immature. As a result they don’t always greet mature stars with the enthusiasm they deserve, since in their minds the perfect “older woman” should not be not be much more than 35 years of age. In contrast, Lola appeals to experienced and sophisticated men who recognize that she is deliciously captivating for a woman of any age. Unfortunately, to our own detriment, we, as a group, tend to be less vocal in expressing our opinions. If we want more of the type of entertainment we truly enjoy we have to aggressively inform both producers and performers of what we like.
Submitted by nyquist on 2007-09-09 13:21:13

Lola Lee (Mrs. Lee on My Friends Hot Mom)
Lola Lee is a mature porn star who got her start on amateur site Southern Charms and is working her way up into the big leagues. We caught her in action on Naughty America's My Friends Hot Mom and could find but one pro video, Granny Gaggers, to her credit. Lola admits to being over fifty on her personal web site, www. lolaslair. com, but with all due respect, Sir Rodney would peg her at 60+. Not that she's isn't sexy. Au contraire, mes amis, Lola Lee is a horney vixen with more than a dozen home made porn movies to her credit (they're for sale on southern charms. Here's what Lola has to say about herself: "I have always been sexually active but restrained myself for years. Then I retired from my career and was talked into posting my photos on the internet. I found that it was very exciting and stimulating to me. I loved that people wanted to see me. "
Birthdate: Chest:34D
Height:5'6" Waist:26
Weight:130 Hips:35
Hair Color:blonde Eye Color:


Performs: group, b/g, g/g, oral,

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