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Hi Mrs. Saskia! Im a gay from north of Spain (Europe). Im 32 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, high tall and goodlooking man. I love your work in Myfirstsexteacher, its wonderfull! Youre the best actrees of the world! Your body its perfect and your movements are perfects! You have a spectacular smile and Im crazy for your voice! If you want, I would to know you. Have you any e-mail? Plese write...
Submitted by David on 2006-10-15 11:22:02

Submitted by on 2006-10-16 13:47:53

HAY SASKIA . MY NAME IS LUKA FROM CROATIA I"M 28 YEARS OLD. YOU ARE THE MOST HOTTEST BABE , CUTEST FACE AND GORGEOUS BODY . I wish you happyest moments in your life and if ever is posible I"d like to meet you or just hear you. to my sexyest babe .... by cutie , from Luka
Submitted by luka on 2006-10-24 13:26:39

Saskia is the best. She has class and acting ability way better than most, I love her voice. And she sucks and fucks well with a great body, beautiful face, tremendous legs and perfect big nipples.
Submitted by on 2006-11-06 16:37:37

If you are actually reading this Saskia, then I don't have the right words to express what I truly feel for you. I have rarely come across a woman of your stature. You are simply stunning and thats not your best feature. Your best asset is behind your two beautiful eyes, yes I am talking about your brains ... I have seen you talk in your movies, you are witty, girl, way too smart for any porn actress and I love you for that !!! You rock Saskia and I am crazy for you!!! I wish you all the best in life ... always your fan ... (I wish I was more than that)!!!
Submitted by azazel on 2006-12-20 08:17:21

Hallo Saskia 24 december 2006 Genoten van het optreden in MILF SEEKER 4, geen idee of jezelf deze e-mails zult lezen, zo ja hoop dan wellicht je ooit eens, wanneer je ooit weer in NEDERLAND komt, in "t echt te mogen/kunnen ontmoeten. In welke d.v.d"s zal er nog meer vewrfilmingen komen????? Hopelijk "hooor"ik nog iets, by the way merryX-mas+prosperous 2007& all the best to YOU, hartelijke groeten& regards, Michiel
Submitted by on 2006-12-24 05:24:14

Hi there! Gotta tell ya,Doll........Im a fan! Ab-so-freakin'-diggin' the "interview/seductive scenes".....LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!!.........Where's that accent from?Ive heard it before.....but cant place it. (anyway...great stuff) Are you working and living in California? If so....we probably know loads of the same people. Emily Marilyn( lez/bondage model)........if you dont know her or aren't fimiliar with her....check her out! She and I dated through most of the '90s.We're still good friends.*sorry..the point*......she introduced me to the, "World of hot stylish people that ARE NOT horrible ego-maniacs....and enjoy killer music...romantic "swinger" nights.....or just good 'ol fashioned rock'n'roll parties that are all types-styles-smiles-and profiles." Im not sure what your status as a performer or actress is........but......Im a hot rockabilly/punk Singer/guitarist...33yrs.....almost sleaved-tattooed arms.....(I hate to say....pretty-boy..ick!)I look 23-27. Good genes! Hahahaha!Rocknroll will either make you look WAY older...or it'll pickle you and keep you energetic and ageless.(my father is in his 60's......but doesnt look old enough to be my father.I dig it!) Anyway.....check out my pics and I'll send you out some of my CDs.......just give me the address/po box that you actually get mail from. Sorry this is probably a weird-read........but....Ive never flirted with an actress that I havent met before. I definatly dont want to come off as sounding weird...Im sure I do..hahaha....But..there's something about you that isnt just "hot chick sexy"....there's an attitude and charisma that gives me chills/smiles/goosebumps that makes me want more. Whenever you have time.....check me out:( check and answer mail from this site more than the others) answer and keep up with this one)........or do a yahoo or google search,"Johnny Love and Speed" To answer me:either of the websites I gave you. -Hope to hear from you. -Please keep me informed on your films,pics ect. -Lemme know which address to send you CDs,T-Shirts,stickers.....swag. -Your real website?(its gettin' hard to tell the difference between the fan sites and the real ones) Hope you actually read this and check me out! Gotta tell inspire me....and Ive got quite a few ideas that'll eventually turn into song on my new album(yeah....I still call 'em albums)......Once I get a scratch-track together....I'll send out a copy and ask for an honest opinion.......(I'm sure you'll dig it..."Saskia" is a tough name to flow with!Hahaha!)Stray Cats meet Motorhead.Fun loud tunes that'll make ya wanna swingdance and slamdance at the same time. Sorry....babbling and nervous. Hope you write back and follow up(so you'll know Im not full of cobblers......) Love what you do and how you do it! Peace and chick'n grease!
Submitted by Johnny Love(punk/rockabilly musician) on 2007-01-27 03:18:42

Hello Saskia, i am a big disck italian snowmaking. I would like to show you my personal idrante.
Submitted by Marietto on 2007-01-06 11:32:31

Hi Saskia,I'm a man from Canada,25 years old.You're so damn hot!I like the smile you make when in action :P Your really a good looking woman,pardon me but damn you make me hard xD
Submitted by Djaidy on 2007-01-10 14:01:24

Saskia thanks for bringing a smile to me and an explosion in my pants
Submitted by Tim on 2007-05-12 23:46:14

Hi Saskia, I read your other 'blog/fanmail' these people are right you are special. I saw your clip on @bang my wife@ (was that guy really your husband?) last year and I have to say i never saw a woman enjoy sex more. There was something else about you, that got me, hard to define but a kind of strange tragic quality. I was so taken I googled you and found some other stuff, but although I dont know the chronology of it, you seemed to be going through a bad place. Hope you are OK. Thats all. Be strong & be safe. ET (
Submitted by ET on 2007-07-27 08:50:12

saskia steele, you were great in naughty america video. I just love the video when you fucked on the desk when you got mad at the man looking at porn on the computer. I just wished you didn't have those boots. I wanted to see you pretty feet. I know you got nice feet. I wished you were my mom and you wanted to fuck me anyway. I brown cock would give you a good rythmn. write back Kavin
Submitted by Kavin on 2007-08-30 22:54:21

Mrs Saskia you are one hot hot women and if all women looked like you then DAMN we wouldnt have all these problems in the world. I would like to get more information on you cause you will send any mans heart racing and amongst other things, keep up the great work please. Saskia Fan
Submitted by SaskiaFan on 2007-09-01 08:48:24

There's a group dedicated to her, join in:
Submitted by Saskia on 2008-01-30 17:47:06

Saskia Steele :: MODEL PROFILE
Saskia Steele is 37 and half-American, half-Dutch. She used to do mainstream modeling before appearing in about 50 porn scenes. Saskia says she was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and consideration she found on the porn sets she worked on. "It's made me less self-conscious. There's no embarrassment. I'm comfortable being in front of people. " Find more of Saskia Steele on
Milf Cruiser
Milfs Caught on Camera
Mommy Loves Cock
My First Sex Teacher
Milf Lessons
Milf Riders
Dirty Kinky Mature
Birthdate:1969 Chest:34D
Height:5'8" Waist:26
Weight:125 lbs. Hips:36
Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown


Performs: group, b/g, oral,
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