Violet Marcell
Violet Marcell :: IN THE FIELD
I love, simply like that, ure the most beautifull girl that i ever seen in my whole live.
Submitted by moncho on 2006-10-07 11:02:33

Violet Marcell has a stunning little ass on her and when I caught a glimpse of this hottie getting banged in MILF Huter I added her to my list of hot porn stars to view more of.
Submitted by on 2006-10-20 03:21:27

I was totally shocked when I saw her episode in MILF hunter, this girl is practically a clone of my own mother when she was her age, and not just that, the way she got fucked reminded me of the same way my mom got fucked by one of her lovers one time that I peepped on them without her knowing, specially the last position, when the hunter mounted her doggystyle, exactly the same. I have an Oedipus complex, ever since I can remember my mom has always been the hottest woman in my fantasies, she was beautiful, had a killer body, and she fucked like a pornstar! So every time I see Violet do her thing, it's both disturbing and extremely exciting, it's like watching my own mom go hardcore 20 years ago! I love you Violet, for unknowingly releasing this naughty fantasy through your scenes, thank you.
Submitted by Oedipus on 2006-11-12 20:34:34

DANG! That 3 On Me scene was amazing, and I don't even like multi-girl action. I'll tell you this much, I would have lasted about a nanosecond with you and Roxy De Ville!
Submitted by Weed on 2006-11-18 00:01:57

Violet can also be seen online at: '' '' '' '' '' '' '' and she's been in (that I know of) '3 on me POV' (Voyeur media) 'One on One #5' (Red Light) '50 to 1 #3' 'Swallow This! #2' (North Pole) 'Mouth 2 Mouth #9' (Chico Wang) 'Black Velvet: Las Vegas' I'm her biggest fan, I think!
Submitted by Jimmy Smith on 2007-05-12 16:01:49

Violet Marcell (Violet on MILF Hunter)
Violet Marcell is a sublime brunette with stunning blue eyes and an ass to die for. It's no surprise when she says she's "most comfortable with the least amount of clothing on. " Violet Marcell started off in the porn industry behind the camera as an erotic masseuse and just recently made the leap to porn starlet. She starred as Snowball Soporno in the porn spoof series The Sopornos. Violet also turned heads and raised heads on MILF Hunter, displaying some highly impressive oral skills and a wonderful on-screen persona. Violet says she's wanted to do porn since sneaking off to watch pornos while growing up as a Catholic schoolgirl, and her love of her work really shows. Violet loves to cook and throw dinner parties, watch movies, and go shopping. She likes all kinds of music except country, and has good taste in bands, with Massive Attack, Portishead, and White Zombie among her favorites. Violet has a vivacious, down-to-earth personality and we hope to see more of her in the near future. We have no doubt that Violet, with her drop-dead gorgeousness and natural charm, has a successful and rewarding career ahead of her. Find Violet Marcel's pics at her website VioletMarcell. com, as well as her MySpace and XPeeps pages. You can see Violet in action on MILF Hunter in the episode 'Morning snack. '
Birthdate:Virgo Chest:34C
Height:5'7" Waist:23
Weight:110 Hips:34
Hair Color:Black Eye Color:Violet

Hometown: Toronto

Performs: b/g, swallows, oral,
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